Clear and effective face-to-face communication in English

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Good communication is good conversation. These days visual media, the internet and social media have changed the way people communicate, listen, evaluate and make decisions.

It has become apparent to me that more and more students as well as younger company employees and executives seem to have lost their ability to communicate effectively face-to-face. I believe this to be a direct result of the increased amount of time that younger generations are spending communicating via smartphones and tablets at home, in schools and at work. Observing this in public places and in living and dining rooms, I notice many more families sitting around the dinner table not conversing, but focused on their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Sound familiar?    

As a result, many of these company new hires are shying away from direct conversation and vocal presentations, preferring the safety of creating a few short abbreviated Twitter-like sentences or filling the space with meaningless emoji. During some of our trainings, I have observed this in our younger generation company trainees - strong eye contact seems to be an illusory lost skill.  Additionally, I have learned that teaching cursive writing skills in many grade schools is being replaced with correcting spelling or typing errors on keyboards and tablets.

Media in English serves European companies with English presentation training and coaching.  English is our native tongue. Not only are our clients more confident about what they are saying, they are more confident in the way they say it, especially if English is not their mother tongue. 

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