Missed Sales Opportunities At ProWein 2018 Wine & Spirits Trade Fair in Düsseldorf

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At the 2018 international ProWein Trade Fair For Wines and Spirits, other booths are crowed and filled with excitement.  Could the speaker on the left's persona, lack of passion for the product and poor communication in English be making the difference? We believe so!

While attending ProWein this week as a member of the press, I discovered that the "Best of the Show" wines selection stand at the convention remains mostly empty because there are no people representing the bottles.  An engaging video presentation here, or better yet, well-trained professional sales and marketing people on hand would attract more buyers to taste specific wines and increase the possibility of improved results.

"Wine does not sell itself automatically.  Without passionate and knowledgeable people representing your products to distributors and customers in English, your sales figures will not dramatically increase."

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