How Media In English Works

Our Method

Media in English works in the English language to improve the way you present yourself, your product or service, and your organization to various audiences, including the press.  Our training techniques are of proven quality and promote successful communication.

Our communications tools are universal and instantly adapt to any language spoken

We work with individuals. We believe in developing the natural communication skills inherent in each person. Our goal is not to teach people to present in an American way or in any other stylistic way.

Unlike many training organizations, we do not teach people to be actors. We do not believe in role-playing. Our media training, presentation training and crisis simulations deal with real company issues.

You are the message

We support the idea that each of us is "the message" when communicating. We use video in much the same was as a mirror works.  We show you the result of your efforts and ask - "Do you like what you see and hear?"

Our one-on-one coaching brings out the best in you while providing the tools and skills needed to communicate simply, effectively and persuasively in real-life business situations.  People need to be themselves in these presentation situations.

Media in English training and coaching prepares you for:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Industry analyst meetings
  • Sales and marketing presentations
  • Board of director and shareholder meetings
  • Panel discussions and forums
  • Press and analyst conferences
  • Television, radio and print media interviews
  • Ambush interviews
  • Satellite feeds
  • Crisis communications
  • Negotiations
  • Talk show appearances
  • Performing to camera
  • Videoconferences
  • Webcasting

Media in English, business experienced, native English speaking communications coaches and trainers use PowerPoint and video clips during instruction. All presentations, simulations and interviews are video recorded, followed by individual coaching, practice and critique.  Afterwards, we provide you with a personal written evaluation and your video DVD so that you may continue to work on improving your communication skills.

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