ING Real Estate Investment Management Germany GmbH
  • “Extremely useful media training based on realistic situations.”

    Buddy Roes
    Managing Director Germany
  • "Great day to go through the experience of media communications.  This day served what I was looking for and although a lot can be improved with practice, I feel it was a good step forward for me."

    Wil van der Have
    General Manager Development
  • "Excellent preparation, very individualilzed. Well done. Enjoyed it and look forward to Phase II."

    Philip la Pierre
    Acquistions Manager REIM Germany
  • "The effectiveness and quality of your media training was excellent."

    Chris Wood
    Sales Manager REIM Germany
  • "It was a great media training, with a lot of information. It was useful to have the practicals, where we could see improvement."

    Nathaly Machatius
    PR Assistant
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