Get Your Key Messages Across, Even Under Fire
Personalized spokesperson media appearance skills training for press/analyst presentations: interviews with broadcast, print & digital journalists in English




"When the press calls, it can be a golden opportunity or a total disaster. It all depends if your company is ready and your spokespersons are properly prepared."







Media in English trains executives for successful television, radio and print interviews. Executives learn the basics of news gathering operations, how journalists work and how they prepare for media interviews. Executives are trained in personal presentation methods and media appearance skills. They learn how to control the interview process from initial press contact to media interview.

Our on-camera exercises teach techniques for handling confrontation from hostile journalists. The questions are based on your organization’s real issues. Managing controversy and crisis is an important part of the program. Our consultants will help your executives define the key issues and formulate appropriate statements. By understanding the primary needs of print and television journalists, your communication objectives can be made to co-exist with theirs.

Each participant receives personalized coaching and attention by two, native English speaking media and business experienced senior communications consultants. Written evaluations and a DVD with practice interviews are provided for personal study and review. Handout materials help participants prepare for future press encounters. Follow-up coaching and consulting is always available.


  • Getting your message out
  • Increased confidence and presence
  • Projecting credibility and trust
  • Delivering substance with style
  • Getting exact quotes published by the media
  • Being comfortable and more relaxed during interviews
  • Increased believability
  • Reduced risk

Topics covered

  • Understanding the needs of print, television, radio journalists & industry analysts
  • Managing your issues
  • Formulating the appropriate message
  • Improving your media appearance skills with effective body language
  • Controlling the interview and panel discussion
  • Getting your key messages across
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Mastering the hostile interview

In addition to our personalized media training program, Media in English offers Media Training Workshops and On-Camera Training.

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“I had a journalist here for the day from Esquire doing a piece on the launch of a luxury brand. He interviewed 4 members of the exec team individually on different areas. I sat in on all the interviews. Each member of the team gave out the same messages. The journalist, being a journalist, repeated some of his questions. But got the same answers whoever he asked. I felt very proud. And so should you. Thank you!”
Wayne Bruce
Communications Director
Infiniti Europe