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Media in English offers introductory, in-company media presentation workshops in English for board members, management teams, public relations staff and marketing-communications departments. The training objective is to introduce the participants to communication concepts, which help in fostering effective communications with electronic, print media and industry press in one-on-one interviews and press conferences.

Our workshops are designed to increase awareness and improve communications with the media and are tailored to your organization’s issues. The skills taught adapt effortlessly to any language. The concepts are universal and have been proven successful on a global basis.

 This highly interactive workshop includes practical on-camera media interviews from the perspectives of both managers and journalists. Practical media interviews and are videotaped and followed by viewing and discussion.

The media training workshops are limited to minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants.


  • Improving press and public relations
  • Increasing personal awareness
  • Enhancing teamwork
  • Improving media interview preparation
  • Formulating unified strategies for press contact
  • Limiting inappropriate or harmful statements
  • Minimizing information leaks
  • Increasing credibility and believability

Topics covered

  • The Press: Basics of news-gathering operations and how journalists work
  • Preparing for the media interview
  • Non-verbal communication during press contact
  • Controlling the media interview
  • Getting your message across
  • Answering difficult questions

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"An excellent content course with trainers who make passion contagious."

"The mix of theory, techniques and practicals are perfect."

"The case studies were good, simple and easy to work."

"The scenarios were realistic and motivating."

"Lots of practical advice and good actual interview examples."

"Very effective, to the point, very well organized, lively."

"It was so well organized that I only have compliments."

"Really appreciated the friendliness of the trainers, both professionally and socially - built up rapport with the group very quickly."

"Good honest feedback received."

"The use of video and playback was particularly effective."

"A good exercise, pointing out the difficulties of communicating under pressure."

"Very credible workshop cases."

An excellent content course with trainers who make passion contagious."

"From now on I will look at television is a more critical way."

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