Crisis Communications Workshop for Nissan AMIE communicators

Media in English Managing Director Rudi Goldman and Training Associate Suzan Pecyna travelled to Switzerland to provide a tailor-made crisis communications workshop for 65 communicators from Nissan’s Africa, Middle East, India and European regions.  Attendees were senior communications directors, country communications managers and communications specialists.

Here are some comments from the workshop participants:

“Interactive, interesting, really positive – Thanks!”

“Great workshop – a real eye opener and a reminder of the importance of planning.”

“Hardcore questioning during interview was great practice!”

“Thanks for bringing internal communications in the mix.”

“Good use of video enhancement and video playbacks during the workshop.”

“Good use of panel discussions and Q&A sessions.”

“Good training, professional trainers.  Thank you for the good tips.”

“Very useful training.”

“Good job . . . as usual.  Like the fact that your team was not trying to give us lessons.”

“Thank you.  It was an afternoon well spent.”

“Trainers well informed.”

“Solid 10 rating.  We need these workshops more often.”

For more information about our crisis communications workshops for your teams see Crisis Communications Workshops  or call us at +31 35 656 9400