Influence Your Audience Every Time You Speak
Individually Tailored Executive Speech- Presentation Coaching & Preparation in English - Influence Your Audience Every Time You Speak




"Executives learn how to define their key messages, to overcome stage fright and to exude clarity, confidence and likability when presenting to individuals or groups, large and small in English".





We work with individuals. We believe in developing the natural communication skills inherent in each person.

"With our individually tailored executive speech coaching programs, we empower executives to be effective public speakers and prepare them for all types of media appearances."

Our one-on-one coaching brings out the best in you while providing the tools and skills needed to communicate simply, effectively and persuasively in real-life business situations.

Media in English teaches simple, globally effective communication techniques, which help you involve listeners and hold their interest. You rise above the "noise," which means they take more of your message home with them!

We train both native and non-native speakers. The personal communications skills taught adapt effortlessly to your native language.


  • Powerfully communicate your key messages
  • Get your message across in any language
  • Connect with your audience
  • Gain confidence and respect
  • Project leadership
  • Eliminate worries
  • Be remembered
  • Motivate people to act

Media in English training and coaching prepares you for:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Industry analyst meetings
  • Sales and marketing presentations
  • Board of director and shareholder meetings
  • Panel discussions and forums
  • Press and analyst conferences
  • Television, radio and print media interviews
  • Ambush interviews
  • Satellite feeds
  • Crisis communications
  • Negotiations
  • Talk Show appearances
  • Understanding the needs of print, television, radio journalists & industry analysts
  • Managing your issues
  • Formulating the appropriate message
  • Improving your media appearance skills with effective body language
  • Controlling the interview and panel discussion
  • Getting your key messages across
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Mastering the hostile interviewng to camera

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"Very informative - exactly pitched at the right level for me. Correct tone & combination of teaching/interactive - time well spent!"
James Wright
Vice President
Infiniti Europe
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