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Manpower Inc.
  • "This was top class!!"
    "Excellent training – relevant to every aspect of the business."
    "Great training! Very helpful and practical. The feedback and coaching were very good."
    "I loved the fact that I received 1-on-1 attention . . . it was a perfect way to learn."
    "Thanks again. I look forward to getting better and better."
    "I think it was perfect."
    "Very good training and very intensive. Thank you for the coaching."
    "Good stuff, challenging, stimulating."
    "Great professionalism."
    "Very good."
    "Very helpful training. I appreciate your considerate treatment."
    "It’s great to benefit from so many years of practical experience."
    "Extremely good and motivating."
    "Very professional and competent."
    "The training was excellent"

    Global Media Training Program Participants
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