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“Video is my passion! Wine, food, lifestyle, tourism & corporate films made with flair and joie de vivre!”


We create originative HD corporate and promotional films that engage your target audience and powerfully communicate your key messages to them. Incorporating your key messages in a compelling video context helps the viewers remember your message and who delivered it.

As video makers we are passionate about creating corporate, product and promotional films. We are consummate story tellers and love to create films about interesting organizations, people, places and things, small or large.  We believe in quality video product at a reasonable cost and are committed to promoting the videos we make.


Rudi Goldman Productions

A subsidiary of Median in English, Rudi Goldman Productions has been creating award-winning, crowd pleasing, international video product, worldwide for over 40 years:

  • Internet-delivered HD promotional films for tourism, wine and food industries.
  • U.S. - Broadcast and cable television programs and series for U.S. Commercial and Public Television, Pay Television, Pay Per View and Home Video.
  • U.K. - Programming direction & development for the Walt Disney Company for commercial television & cable channels, including the Benelux.
  • Netherlands - Production of Dutch Public Television series, programs and promotions for several broadcasters.
  • Goldman is a member in good standing of the Director’s Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

View some short impressions of our video work here.

  • Attract your target audience - motivate them to take action
  • Powerfully communicate your brand
  • Use storytelling to connect with your customers
  • Create avenues for customer feedback
  • Attract press interest
  • Increase chatter with social media targeted videos
  • Increase employee pride, loyalty and productivity
  • Raise your marketing ROI
  • Improve your social media marketing penetration

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Rudi, in this film, you managed to capture the spirit of Burgundy through its personalities, its wines and traditions alive. As stated so well the American sommelier Michael Madrigale the Paulée Meursault, there is something "magnetic" in Burgundy that attracts worldwide. you can feel that you too have been "magnetized" through your images by this place and its inhabitants. Santé

François Desperriers
Director of Production
Bourgogne Live Productions
Beaune, Burgundy, France